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Vanishing Point


Stephanie L. Ward

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Copyright  2015 Stephanie L. Ward


Ros Shifley might be crazy—but she’s not telling anyone.

The only child of a wealthy Manhattan art collector, she owns a painting that winks at her every year on her birthday. This will be her sixteenth wink, but the day gets even stranger. Her father vanishes into an auction masterpiece when the subject’s mouth widens.

Now parentless, authorities take over her life and a godfather she’s never met arranges her enrollment at a private school in Paris. Her first field trip—the Louvre. Coincidental? Ros thinks not. Her search for answers begins.

Movement within Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa catches her attention. She’s not crazy. A young man holding her father’s photo beckons to her. As their fingers connect, she’s sucked inside.

Leo’s world consists of the most legendary brushstrokes ever placed on canvas—the same world into which her father disappeared. Hidden portals in each masterpiece lead Ros and Leo from one painting to the next where a barrage of traps set by an unknown antagonist awaits them.

With each narrow escape her doubts about Leo’s motives surface, but at the same time her feelings for him deepen. Does he care for her or is his affection another brushstroke of fantasy? Or, worse, is he a puppet to make sure her fate is sealed?  

Once she uncovers the adversary’s identity, Ros must choose to risk her heart and future outside the masterpieces to defeat him. If she fails, he will entomb her and her father in a nightmarish still life of his choosing.

Art above is by Trenton Long. 

To see more of his artwork, go to :





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